What's New

Version 3.5.2 (October 22, 2012)
  • Tools Menu:
    • Redefine the sub-menu shortcuts.
    • Charset & CodePage Viewer: Add "Locales and Languages" List.
  • File Menu>Recent Files: Modify the access order when open file from the recent files list.
  • Fixed: Program crash when right-click browser iframe content issues.
Version 3.5 (October 18, 2012)
  • View Menu:
    • Add "Favorites" item to show the internal favorites panel.
    • Add "Task Manager" item to manage the processes created by the Shell.UI.Exec method.
    • Add "Show/Hide Toolbar" item, shortcut key is F12.
    • Options>Document Tabs>Browser: Add "Quick Search to open new tab in the background" option.
    • Options>Network: "Manual proxy configuration" support configure proxy server list.
  • Main Menu: Remove Favorites Menu.
  • Tools Menu:
    • TypeLib Viewer: Display diffrent icon for readonly property.
    • Search Temporary Internet files:
      • Add "File Size" condition.
      • Add "Last Accessed" Condition.
      • Add "Address" Condition.
      • Add "Picture Width/Height" Condition.
    • Search files;
      • Add "Analysis Data" Options.
      • Show "Modified" column.
  • Script Console:
    • Optimization script error output, now able to report the correct line number and source where the error occurred.
    • Shell.UI.Console: In the opened Script Console, Shell.Context Object support "ReturnValue" property.
    • Shell.UI Object: Add Browse method.
    • Shell.UI Object: Add CheckLinks method.
    • Shell Object:
      • Add Confirm method.
      • Add Media namespace property.
    • Script Editor: Using Ctrl+Up/Down can navigate all script history.
    • Script Library:
      • Add "Auto Run" Option.
      • Add Tag Option.
      • Add "Location Match Expression" Option, available in the Tag value is "document".
  • Control Panels:
    • Add "Favorites" Panel to manage the internal favorites.
    • Support Context Menu to switch Panels.
  • Document Tabs:
    • Tooltip containing the title and address.
    • "Close Tab" shortcut key changed to Ctrl+W.
    • Context Menu:
      • Add the "Add to Favorites" item.
      • Delete "First Page" item.
      • Delete "Close All Tabs" item.
    • Accept drop url format text.
  • Thumbnail Window:
    • Press the F11 key to switch to full-screen.
    • full-screen mode:
      • Middle mouse button to switch the image to its original size.
      • Right mouse button or ESC to close window.
  • Seach Engines:
    • List Window: Display the Search Engine's icon.
    • Edit Window:
      • Add "Accelerator Key" edit box.
      • Support edit the Search Engine's icon.
      • Add "Accept Image Addresss" checkbox.
        In browser, when right-click on a image, select context menu>Quick Search by, the search engines that check this option will enable, example:
        1. Add a new Search Engine, Set properties as follows:
          Name: Google Image Search by URL
          Address: http://www.google.com/searchbyimage?image_url=%s&sourceid=heronote&hl=en
          Encode Search Condition: Checked Accelerator Key: X
          Accept Image Addresss: Checked
        2. In browser, right-click on a image.
        3. Select Context Menu>Quick Search By>Google Image Search by URL.
  • Browser:
    • Toolbar: Add "Display Control" dropdown button.
    • Console Button: Add "Execute Script" dropdown button, display the script libraries that tag value is "document" and "Location Match Expression" match current document's location.
    • Address Box: Support dropdown full feature History list.
    • Document Context Menu:
      • Add "Quick Search By" item, Search selected context using predefined search engines.
      • Redirect the "Add to favorites" item into internal Favorites.
    • Inherit Display Control settings when open link in new tab.
  • Elements View:
    • Toolbar: Add "Clear Screen" button.
    • Context Menu:
      • Add "Delete" item.
      • Add "Remove Selection from View" item.
  • Resources View:
    • Toolbar:
      • Add "Clear Screen" button.
      • Add "Browse in Tab" button.
    • Context Menu: Add "Remove Selection from View" item.
    • Show Thumbnail Window.
Version 3.4.6 (May 26, 2012)
  • Fix edit control autocompletion crash.
Version 3.4.5 (May 25, 2012)
  • Login/About Window: Change the logo image.
  • Main Menu:
    • File>Recent files: The files list support multiple select.
    • View>Options:
      • Added a network page to set up the proxy settings (Options > Network).
      • Script Console: Support the "Script Run Mode" option.
    • Tools>Pick Color: Show target window handle in left-top corner.
  • Publish eBook: Add "OnPublished Script" button in Advanced page, the script can use Shell Object, Shell.Context.Path is the full path of the released e-book.
  • Document Tabs: add "Copy" to context menu.
  • Note Editor: Context menu>Paste Unformatted Text keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+V.
  • Text Editor:
    • Keep the current cursor position unchanged when reload.
    • Support the Script Console.
  • Script Console:
    • Add the Evaluate Expression button.
    • Add close button in the output panel.
    • Context menu add the "Change Case" item.
    • Shell.Web Object:
      • Add UrlHash method.
      • Add CreateLocation method.
    • Keyboard shortcut changes:
      • Ctrl+F: Focus the searchbox.
      • F3: Continue search.
      • F7/Ctrl+Up: Repeat the last command.
  • Structure: Display lowercase tagname.
  • Inspector:
    • Move tabs to bottom.
    • Always show readonly properties.
Version 3.4.1 (January 01, 2012)
  • Tools menu: The MD5 Tool rename to "Hash Tool", support SHA(1).
  • Script Console: Rename the name of following methods in the Shell.Text Object:
    GetFileMD5 rename to GetFileHash
    GetStringMD5 rename to GetStringHash
Version 3.4 (December 28,2011)
  • View menu: add "Show Menu Bar" item, uncheck it can hide the Menu bar.
  • File menu add items: "Save As" "Save As Image" "Save As Shortcut" "Print" and "Send Mail".
  • Tools menu: add "Color Table" tool.
  • Document Tabs and tab navigation button can response drop operation.
  • View > Options: added "Environment Variables" page, it can used in Shell.UI.Exec method.
  • Note Editor: remember toobar position.
  • Text Editor: Context menu add "Column Select Mode" item.
  • Browser
    View > Options > Browser: add "Browser Emulation" option.
    Address bar: You can now search directly from the Address bar. If you enter a website's address, you'll go directly to the website. If you enter a search term or incomplete address, you'll launch a search using the currently selected search engine.
    Toolbar: add "text size" button.
  • Note Explorer
    Optimize the speed of "Search Files" command.
    Support press F3 to continue searching.
    Note Properties: delete the "keyword" button.
    Note Properties: add "Source" box in summary page, It display the source url if the Note collected from web.
    Context menu: delete the "Insert Note" item, add "Insert Before" and "Insert After" items.
    Context menu: add "Indexes" item, it support manage multi-level indexes.
    Context menu: add "Remove Indexes" item, use it remove all indexes from selected notes.
  • Publish eBook
    Add "Index Creation" option, use it select Index creation method.
    Delete the "Generate temporary CHM file" option.
  • Collect Web Pages
    Context menu: add "Locate Last Collected Note" item.
    Context menu: add "Copy Full URL" item.
    Context menu: add "Set Entry Attribute" item.
    Toolbar: add "Find" button.
    Toolbar: add "Add Redirect" button.
    Toolbar: add "Edit Script" button.
    Add "External Links" tab.
    <script> element support the Shell object.
    <entry> element's href property can set empty.
    <entry> delete attributes: OnGetItems, ChildOnGetItems.
  • Search Bar
    Open search result in current default, press ctrl to force open in new tab.
    Support show and auto update the icon of "search engine".
    Support drag splitter to resize search bar width.
    Display "Quick Search Panel" when mouse click search box, using different mouse button click on it, you can perform different functions:
    Left button: open search result in current page, press ctrl to force new tab.
    Middle button: open search result in new tab.
    Right button: close the panel.
  • Structure
    Context menu: add "add child text node" item.
    Context menu: add "insert Text node" item.
    Context menu: add "rename" item.
  • File Explorer
    Context menu: add "Browse in Tab (Use Local Path)" item.
    Context menu: delete the "Copy To Directory" item, use the copy button instead.
    Support drop URL to add files, accept the url that dragged from Elements view or Resources view.
    Support drop HTML fragment to add linked files.
    File Properties Dialog: delete the "Keyword" button.
  • Script Console
    Toolbar: add "Load from file" button.
    Toolbar: add "Save to file" button.
    Toolbar: add "Show/Hide Output" button.
    Context menu: add "Past Path" item.
    View > Options> Script Console: add "Script timeout" option, the default script execution timeout is 10 seconds.
    Press Shift execute current script will stay in current edit statement.
    The "Shell" object support namespace: "App" "IO" "UI" "Web" and "Text".
    Update built-in jQuery version, you can execute following script in Script Console:
Version 3.3 (February 1,2011)
  • Batch Collect Documents:
    Support drag and drop HTML to add entries
    Support drag and drop ElementList items to add entries
    Provide "Collect Configuration" editor
    <entries> element add attribute "UseCache"
  • Publish Dialog: added option "Publish Global files"
  • File Explorer: thumbnail support display animated content
  • Resource View: added following commands:
    Open Containing Folder
    Delete Selection from View
  • Structure View: command "View Source" can modify #text element
Version 3.2 (December 1,2010)
  • Support command "Check for updates..." in the help menu
  • Note Explorer: added command "Browse in Tab" in context menu
  • Note Explorer: supports setting notes visibility in Publish CHM e-Book options dialog
  • Note Explorer: added commands Premote and Demote in context menu>Move Position
  • Structure View: added command "Save as Shortcut Note..." in context menu
  • Element List: support OLE drag
  • Element List: added command "Locate Parent Element" in context menu
  • Element List: show "link text" column
  • Note Editor: added following commands in context menu>List style:
    List Item Start At...
    List Start At...
    Remove Start At
  • Note Editor: Minimum supported version of IE 5
  • Document Tabs: support display website favicon
Version 3.1 ( October 31,2010)
  • Note Explorer: added command "Batch Collect Documents"
  • Note Explorer: find command support search: ID Target and Comments
  • Note Explorer: drag note to editor, the characters < and > are encoded as &lt; and &gt;
  • Fixes window's initialize position on multiple monitor
  • Tool Menu: added tools "Links checker"
  • Note Editor: command "Link to bookmark" use dialog select bookmark
  • ListView: added command "Invert selection" in context menu
  • ListView: added command "Generate text by script" in context menu
  • Command Window: display line number
  • Command Window: error message display absolute line number
  • Structure View: find command support search custom attribute
  • Structure View: support command "select object"
  • Browser: disable Ctrl+S shortcut
  • Browser: command "save as note" support reuse existing file
  • Browser: correct the behavior of keyboard when browse folder
Version 3.0 (July 1, 2010)
  • Note Explorer:
    Support publish CHM e-Book
    Import typelib definition - Automatically generated document for COM object
    Import database definition - Automatically generated document for database structure 
    Create new note from template
    Clone existing note
    Support OLE drag and drop
  • Added Structure
  • Added Inspector
  • Added Css Filter Builder
  • HTML note editor:
    Added command window
    Added element list window
    Support capture page image
    Support table/link/image/document properties dialog 
    Data binding field setting and update
    Source code editor
  • WebBrowser:
    Added Search toolbar - Can search through the search engine
    Support capture page image
    Support drag view mode
    Support region select link mode"
  • File Explorer:
    Create file from template
    Added context menu item - Explorer menu
    Support OLE drag and drop
    Integration of custom tools
  • Aded PickColor Tools   
  • Added TypeLib Viewer
  • Added Charset/CodePage Viewer
  • Added OLE/COM Component Viewer
Version 2.0 (October 30, 2008)
  • Note Explorer:
    Import Internet Favorites
    Support search note content
    Added note recycle bin
  • Added File Explorer - Private files and Global files panel
  • Added Toolbox
  • Support HTML format note
  • Text Note Editor:
    Syntax highlighting 
    Support change encoding
  • Support multi-tab editor
  • Added WebBrowser
  • Support note compressed storage
  • Added font viewer
  • Added Internet Cache Viewer
  • Support Custom Tools
  • Support Full Screen
  • Added MD5/Base64 Tools
  • Support capture screen
Version 1.0 (August 06, 2006)
  • Added Note explorer - manage note tree
  • Support text format note
  • Note database support to set password 
  • Support note database backup and restore
  • Support delete temporary files
  • Support recent files menu